This page provides useful information for exhibitors of films and video works in Nigeria and prospective exhibitors on the terms and conditions they are expected to comply with by the Board. These range from the proper use of their licenses, exhibition premises and the kinds of movies they should exhibit. An exhibitor that makes proper use of information on this page will not have cause to be on the wrong side of the law as far as the Board is concerned. Therefore, this page is a must visit for both movie exhibitors and intending movie exhibitors in Nigeria.Categories of Exhibitors:

a.    National Exhibitor
b.    City Exhibitor
c.    Sub – Urban Exhibitor
d.    Community Exhibitor

Exhibition Premises are classified as:

a.    Major Cinemas
b.    Medium Cinemas
c.    Small Cinemas
d.    Viewing Centres


1.    The license granted to the distributor shall be displayed at the main entrance of the premises, whenever it is opened.

2.    An Exhibitor shall exhibit only films classified and registered by the Board.

3.    No premises shall be licensed or be used for carrying on of a film or video exhibition unless all the general safety requirements regarding Federal or State Fire Service as contained in the NFVCB Act are complied with.

4.    The classification assigned by the Board in respect of any registered film shall be legibly displayed on every promotional material in the nature of an advertisement in respect of the film.

5.    In all cases where a classification is displayed it shall be accompanied by a statement of what the symbol indicates and the content advisory assigned by the Board for the film.

6.    The censorship certificate issued by the Board for a film shall, immediately before the exhibition of the film, be projected on the screen on which the film is to be exhibited and shall be on display for not less the 30 seconds.

7.    The application to exhibit a film by a licensed exhibitor shall be accompanied by a valid exhibition agreement with a marketing plan.

8.    Any trailer made for any film intended to be distributed or exhibited in Nigeria shall be submitted to the Board for approval.

9.    Trailers of films with higher classification shall not be inserted in films with lower classification and a feature film shall not contain more than 4 trailers and each trailer shall not exceed 60 seconds.

10.    An Exhibitor shall keep at the premises at which the film is delivered for exhibition, a register containing among other things, the title and registered length of the film, the classification and other details of censorship approval for the film and information regarding whether the film is a Nigerian film or a Foreign film and the respective dates on which or the period during which the film or video work has been exhibited to the public at the premises.

11.    An Exhibitor of a film or video work shall whenever requested so to do by a person authorized in that behalf by the Board, produce to that person, such books or other documents, with respect to a film or video work as the Board may require for the purpose of enforcement.

12.    The Board’s logo shall be legibly displayed on every promotional material in the nature of an advertisement in respect of the film.

13.    An Exhibitor shall observe the restriction imposed by classification in respect of films to be exhibited.

14.    A license granted to an applicant by the Board in respect of a particular category of exhibitor shall not be used for another category of exhibitor or transferred to another person.

15.    An Exhibitor of films/movies must at all times ensure that under aged persons are not allowed to be in the exhibition premises when films with restricted classification are about being shown or shown.

16.    The Exhibitor shall observe such other conditions as may be imposed by the Board from time to time.