Those who are interested in entering into film distribution business or are already in the business will find on this page a gold mine of information on the do’s and don’t’s as regards dealing with the Board page. There is something here for everyone, whether one is into leasing of leasing, hiring, selling or marketing of films and video works within and outside the country. Under The NFVCB Regulations, one may be licensed as national distributor, regional distributor or community distributor. There are terms and conditions which are put in place for the purposes of effective regulation of licensed distributors which they are expected to comply with.


  1. A Distributor shall before distributing a film, submit to the Board a market copy of the classified and approved film for verification.
  2. The Distributor shall distribute only films classified and registered by the Board.
  3. The license granted to the distributor shall be conspicuously displayed in its premises.
  4. A film or video work must be sold or distributed without any alteration. If there is any alteration, it must be re – submitted for censorship.
  5. A license is only valid for one year and shall be renewed annually upon payment of fees prescribed by the Board.
  6.  A license granted to an applicant by the Board in respect of a particular category of distributor shall not be used for another category of distributor or transferred to another person.
  7. The classification assigned by the Board in respect of any registered film shall be legibly displayed on any material in the nature of advertisement in respect of the film.
  8. A Distributor shall ensure that every cassette package and spool carries the classification symbols of the video work at the bottom right of front of package, above the title on spine of package when vertical, after the title on top of the cassette spool, after the title on spine of cassette spool and symbol plus explanatory statement in box on lower back of package.
  9. The Distributor shall cause to be kept at the premises at which the film is delivered for distribution, a register containing among other things, the title and registered length of the film, the classification and other details of censorship approval for the film and information regarding whether the film is a Nigerian film or a foreign film.
  10.  A Distributor of a film or video work shall whenever requested so to do by a person authorized in that behalf by the Board, produce to that person, such books or other documents, with respect to a film or video work as the Board may require for the purpose of enforcement.
  11.  The Distributor shall forward monthly to the Board the list of additional films/ video works acquired for commercial use.
  12. Any trailer made for a film intended to be distributed or exhibited in Nigeria shall be submitted to the Board for approval. Trailers of films with higher classification shall not be inserted in films with lower classification.
  13.  Posters advertizing films classified 18 or higher shall not be placed near schools or other places which cater for persons below the age of 18 years.
  14. The Board’s logo shall be legibly displayed on any material in the nature of advertisement in respect of the film.
  15.  The Distributors shall observe the restrictions imposed by classification in respect of films to be distributed.
  16. The Distributors shall observe such other conditions as may be imposed by the Board from time to time.