The NFVCB film classification and release process illustrates the workflow leading to the approval of a film or video work and the certification of a film to be released in the Nigerian market. There are several stages involved in this process.

This process may take a period of five to thirty days.


  1. Film Submission Desk: All films meant for Censorship are submitted at the submission desk where the officer in charge assesses the materials to ensure that they are correct. Such materials submitted must include copies of the films in DVD to be previewed, 4 poster and jacket designs, 6 synopsis of movies and application for censorship written in the company’s letter head.
  2. Preview: The preview panel previews the movie and sends its observations and recommendations for either approval or referral of the movie to the verification unit for further viewing and scrutiny.
  3. Verification: Verification unit verifies the movie to ensure that the movie meets the acceptable standard, and goes ahead to classify and issue approval or referral for the movie. All issues, to be resolved in a movie; are listed and sent back to the preview panel to convey to the film owner.
  4. Classification and Approval: Movies that have met the prescribed standard are classified and sent to the database where censorship certificates are generated.
  5. Registration: Registration unit issues classification certificate to the producer, while release certificate and seals are issued to a licensed distributor.
  6. Submission of Market Copy: Producers/Licensed distributors are mandated to submit samples of market copies of approved work to the Board to ensure conformity with the previewed work before distribution.