The office of the DG is responsible for ensuring the efficient coordination of NFVCB strategic goals across internal sectors of the Board

The admin department of the Board which is headed by a Director is responsible for the Board’s human resources development and through its oversight functions the Department handles the following:
Appointment , Promotion and Discipline of Officers
Ensures the enrolment of the Board’s staff into the Pension and National Housing Fund Schemes.
Ensures the maintenance of office Building, infrastructures and equipment.
Drives welfare agenda for staff in the areas of health, leave, marriage, funeral etc.
The Department is in charge of store, Security and transport units
Makes recommendation on various personnel matters and other issues relating to BOT, Retirement, and Gazetting of Appointment, Transfer of service, Secondment etc.
Initiate polices and makes presentations to the Management for approval

This is one of the major Departments of the Board that plays vital roles in the realization of the Board’s mandate as enshrined in its enabling law. The department performs the following:

  • Organizes all field monitoring and operations to ensure compliance.
  • Co-ordinates all the activities of field operations in the six Geo-political zonal and Centre offices.
  • Convenes Stakeholders meeting
  • Maintains correspondence with Licensed Film Distributors and Exhibitors
  • Liaises with sister organizations that perform related duties like NFC,NCC,NBC, LSVCB
  • Implements policies on film distribution and exhibition.

This department that is like a life wire to the Board. This is because its functions are very integral to the existence and relevance of the Board. The Department functions as thus:

  • Processes application for Film Distribution from existing stakeholders and interested investors in line with the extant rules.
  • Recommends applicants for the issuance of license
  • Supervises the Board’s Learning centre and Library
  • Organizes the enlightenment programmes like the school outreach
  • Implements policies on film licensing and issuance.
  • Ensures the safe- keeping of all censored films
  • Produces Directory of films Distributors and Exhibitors in Nigeria
  • Performs archive duty.

This department can best be described as the Board’s Engine room; this is so because the hub of the Board’s censorship activities is carried out in this department. The department headed by a Director, censors and classifies all films submitted to the Board in line with its classification guidelines. To enhance the capacity of staff, the department organizes seminars/meetings on film production, in addition to the organization of interactive session between the staff and film makers.

This unit functions as the account department of the Establishment. It is also responsible for the Board’s budget preparation and implementation. The following functions are carried out by the unit:
In charge of staff salaries, allowances and other financial benefits In charge of all forms of payment
Advises the management on project funding and implementation strategies Produces account and financial report annually.