The Board welcomes complaints and comments from our clients and members of the public about our classification decisions or any other aspect of our services. The Board entertains complaints relating to the following issues:

  • Non-compliance with respect to a classification or age restriction on the part of a video club operator, retailer, distributor and/or exhibitor. For example, a cinema or viewing center allowing under age viewers to view movies which have been classified for older audiences. Or a video club selling a video with an age restriction of 18 to a person under the age of 18.
  • Failure on the part of a distributor and/or exhibitor to display, clearly and conspicuously, the classification symbol and age restriction imposed on a film, video or poster or trailer.
  • The distribution and/or exhibition of uncensored and unclassified films or video works.
  • An inappropriate classification or age restriction given by the Board to a particular film, video, DVD or computer game
  • Inadequate and/or misleading consumer information
  • The failure on the part of a distributor and/or exhibitor to display consumer information with respect to a film or video.


Lodging Complaints:

Complaints can be lodged to the Board through a number of ways, letters, email faxed to the Director-General/CEO of the Board. Please remember to include the following details to enable speedy response:

  • The title of the film or video or DVD or video game
  • The name of the cinema or theatre where the film was seen; or the name of the video outlet or retailer where the video, DVD or computer game was rented/bought
  • The date and time of the exhibition , in the case of a cinema or theatre, or the date of the rental or purchase of the video, DVD or computer game
  • A brief summary of the complaint, and any other information which might be necessary